What Do Diploma Theses Unveil about Academic Public Policy in the Czech Republic?

Magdalena Mouralová, Eva Hejzlarová, Anna Jeřábková, Rudolf Holík, Miroslav Hubáček


Although textbooks, conference papers, scientific journals and monographs deal with the research aspects of public policy, only little attention is paid to the way it is taught at universities. In this article we aim to explore academic public policy in the Czech Republic – specifically in terms of teaching outputs – using a unique method: an analysis of diploma theses. In the sample there were diploma theses defended within all the full-time Master’s study programmes having “public policy” in their names in the Czech Republic between 1995 and 2013. We conclude that there are two traditions of academic public policy in the Czech Republic, which enriches previous findings in the area and makes them more accurate. The research design and thoroughly described methodology invite other researchers to conduct international comparison of the features of academic public policy. The findings may also illustrate the trajectory made by the newly established discipline of public policy in the past twenty years in the Czech Republic, which may be of great interest to the newly formed international public policy community.


academic public policy; public policy; diploma theses; Czech Republic

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